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Unchain yourself from technology: ROOBAND


The world’s first analog wearable fitness tracker.



Unchain yourself from technology


The joy of running is being crushed by technology. It’s terrible to see. People are becoming more concerned with capturing data than enjoying their run. They analyze every movement, measure every action, track every step. Turn everything into points. What's going on?

The ROOband is designed to put the power back in the hands of the runner, to reconnect us with what really matters, to put the fun back into run.


What does it do


The ROOband keeps track of your activity and provides you with all the data you really need. It is the first wearable fitness tracker that is entirely analog. That's right. It requires no batteries, no downloads, no Bluetooth, no syncing.

It works with any smart phone or device, or none at all. It fits on your wrist and can be wherever you are. The ROOband’s soft natural materials are timeless, providing an experience that no other digital wearable fitness device can offer.

The ROOband is the most relevant running product in years.



put the fun back into run


Back in 1979 running used to be a lot of fun (just look at the picture above). We want to return to the spirit of that time. It was this feeling that inspired runner Bob Gamm to develop an innovative technology, changing the course of running forever: The shoe with the pocket.

It’s time for an update on Bob’s idea:

It’s time for the ROOBAND


How it works


The ROOband is in direct contact with your your skin. When running, your body will start to emit ‘effort’, commonly called ‘sweat’. Your effort will be absorbed by the Rooband. Then, after each session, you can squeeze the ROOband to output your effort, allowing you to measure your progress with an easily quantifiable result.

How it works 1
How it works 2


no charging needed. ever.



Since the ROOband doesn’t need any electrical power, you can wear it nonstop night and day, all year round. Because effort is exuded throughout the day, you can even measure activities like sitting in a sauna, or sunbathing. The ROOband even tracks what you eat.

eat track



simply reboot your rooband by putting it in a washing machine



Open pocket technology


One of the features we are particularly proud of is what we call Open Pocket Technology (O.P.T.)

Arm with rubber


Open Pocket Technology is compatible with any object or device, so long as it is relatively small. You can’t put little objects in any other wearable tracking device on the market.


Meet the team



Frank and John


We are a team of likeminded experts. We have come together to realize our ambition of bringing joy back to running.The ROOband is more than a product. It’s an idea. Wearing a ROOband is a statement. It says ‘I love to run. But I don’t want to be told when to run or how to run. I run for joy.’


The future has called. And it has a KangaROO on it.


The ROOband is nearly complete. The funds we receive will be used to make the ROOband as amazing as possible, and to develop further innovations like the hands free version. Please help us achieve our targets and make our dream come true.

We are testing our prototypes every time we do something, striving to refine the ROOband right up to the beginning of manufacturing. Now we want to get it in the hands of users and developers everywhere. For this, we need your support.



Please support the world’s first wearable analog fitness tracker. Support the
The ROOband featured is not a final product.
There will be further developments to come. Please watch this space!







the combat sneaker


technical specifications rooband






shipping and returns

Shipping for all international orders outside of Germany unless indicated otherwise will be 12€ per pair. The average number of days for shipping may vary based upon origin and destination. Please be aware of any additional costs or taxes for customs your country might charge.

We understand mistakes with sizing could be made and we will do our best to exchange any ROOband in good faith that you send back to us. Because our margins are tight we will have to charge you for the freight cost of any returns.