A tribute to John, sneaker lover and founder of the „KangaROOS Talk“ community on Facebook, who recently passed away at the age of 34.

Thank you so much for the overwhelming feedback that reached us when we put out the idea about creating a sneaker for John. We could not have finalized this project without the support and love from the KangaROOS community.

The model was designed with the input we received from John’s wife and the „KangaROOS Talk“ Facebook group.

We learned that John’s favorite model was the COIL R-1 .
We used a vegetable tanned suede of highest quality in a color scheme that felt to be the greatest tribute to what John loved: soft, neutral, with a hint of aqua.

John was a dog lover and his dog once chewed up a pair of KangaROOS. This explains the paws that will be embossed on the heel. The insole features the text that John had tattooed around his ancle.

We’ll give John’s wife the first pair and donate 100% of the first sold 34 pairs – symbolically one for each year in John’s life – for John’s family. This shoe is limited to 400 pairs. For all shoes that we sell on top of that we will donate 10% of the sales.

The shoe is handcrafted in Germany at our family-owned factory Hummel&Hummel Schuhmanufaktur. 

It is available for preorder as of now.



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