Third time's a charm – Introducing the KangaROOS x MORPRIME Industries™ x Tommy Triggah INSIDE JOB v1.5 "QUARTZ"
KangaROOS x Acribik "Fuck Cancer" Du liest KangaROOS x INSIDE JOB 1.5 "QUARTZ" 2 Minuten Weiter KangaROOS x PRESSURE™

KangaROOS, MORPRIME Industries™, and self-proclaimed footwear nut Tommy Triggah join forces once again to unveil their latest collaboration, the INSIDE JOB v1.5 "QUARTZ". Building upon the success of their previous ventures, this trans-pacific partnership is an eagerly anticipated occasion for both staunch fans of KangaROOS and sneaker collectors globally.

Inspired by the desire to create a shoe designed by collectors for collectors, the INSIDE JOB v1.5 "QUARTZ" showcases the unparalleled quality that sets KangaROOS apart from other brands. Designed with the 'sneakerhead' community in mind, the "QUARTZ" features intricate details and callbacks to iconic shoes and colourways from various brands, each elevated to the next level through premium materials and impeccable craftsmanship.

Handcrafted from locally sourced materials at the family-owned ‚Hummel&Hummel Schuhmanufaktur‘ factory in Pirmasens, Germany, an essential aspect of the collaboration's ethos is sustainability. By minimising the ecological impact and supporting local communities, KangaROOS, MORPRIME Industries™, and Tommy Triggah demonstrate their commitment to responsible production.

Limited to only 400 pairs worldwide, this release is a highly anticipated event that is not to be missed.

Continuing the legacy established by their previous collaborations, the INSIDE JOB v1.5 "QUARTZ" utilises the OMNI-RACER silhouette –developed for the first INSIDE JOB v1.5 release – which combines the ROOS RACER upper with the DYNACOIL tooling from the ROOS ULTIMATE. The result is a visually stunning design that merges form and function seamlessly.

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